Pallavi Dhakal|Vj Pallavi DhakalRj Pallavi Dhakal|Model Pallavi Dhakal

Pallavi Dhakal Media Personality
Hi- On: Fame, Looks, Talent
Image Channel hit VJ Pallavi Dhakal is as famous for her pretty face as she is for her debonair persona. Ever so friendly and highly people friendly, this young energetic package of beauty is our this week's most eligible bachelorrette.
Why we love her
For her oh-so-perfect figure and a good height to match with. Check her out wearing a Sari and you couldn't possibly take your eyes off her.
Pallavi Dhakal  (nickname):


Star Sign:

Video Jockey, Radio Jockey,Model

Image Channel/ Image FM

Education Qualification:
Graduate in Social Work

Pallavi Dhakal Describe herself ::
Tall, Beautiful, Smart, Witty, Bold, Kind, Extrovert, Friendly, Responsible and Straightforward; that is how I have seen people describe me. But I'd say the one word that best describes me is 'Humane'.

What are you passionate about? :
LIVING... I'm passionate about my life and my work.

What physical attributes of the opposite sex attract you?:
Physical attributes doesn't really concern me much. For me attraction lies in a man's personality. The way a man carries himself shouts a whole lot of things about him.


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